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Tourism and Cultural Heritage

TCH is a research cluster that focuses on all tourism studies (geo park development, tourism, conservation, cultural heritage management and environmental management). This cluster is chaired by Dr. Ayu Krishna. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Dinda Sagita.
Institution Partner
  • Sahabat Lahan Indonesia (Partner of Landcare)
Current Publications
  • Mt Sinabung and the Karo: How Cultural Aspects Shape Resilience |2018| Download
  • The Current Observation and Challenges of Tourism Development in Batur Global Geopark Area, Bali Province, Indonesia |2017| Download
  • The Resilience of Hotel Managements to Multi-Hazard Potentials in Bandung and Denpasar City, Indonesia. |2017| Download
  • Who gets the Benefits of Geopark Establishment? A Study of Batur Geopark Area, Bali Province, Indonesia |2017| Download
  • Best Practice of Local Tourism Management: Case Study of Cluster of Geopark Batur, Bangli Regency, Bali Province of Indonesia |2017| Download
  • Bandung City Profile, Indonesia |2016| Download
  • Preparedness of Tourism Actors to Potential Earthquake Hazard |2016| Download
  • Disaster Preparedness of Star Hotels to Coastal Hazard in Sanur Bali |2016| Download
  • Promoting walkability in urban environment is one of emerging issues in many North American cities as recent studies found that there is an increase of health risk outcome associated to cardiovascular |2016| Download
  • Disaster Preparedness of Star Hotels to Coastal Hazards: Case Study of Sanur, Bali |2015| Download
  • Tourist Brand Loyalty Based Consumer Typology: a case study of Hot Spring Resort in Cipanas, Garut District, West Java |2015| Download
  • Analisa Brand Image dalam Brand Management pada Hotel di Obyek Wisata Cipanas Garut |2015| Download
  • Citra Pariwisata Kota Bandung Sebagai Kota Art Deco: Studi Kasus Kawasan Asia Afrika dan Braga |2015| Download
  • Risk Management of Gedung Sate as a Cultural Heritage |2015| Download
  • Risk Management of Gedung Sate as a Cultural Heritage, Proceeding of International Training Course |2014| Download
  • Networks and innovation in tourism village as strategies for living in harmony with active volcanoes |2014| Download
  • Networks and Roles in Development of Volcano Based-Tourism (Case Study: Merapi Volcano Tour) |2013| Download
  • Assessing Community Socio-Economic Rehabilitation in Post Disaster Recovery: Case Study of Mount Merapi |2013| Download
Related Research
  • Social Investment and the Implementation of the Village Fund
    Resilience Development Initiative (2018)
  • Eco-tourism and geoparks as a new strategy for socio-economic rural development. Study case : Mount Batur, Bali
    ITB Research Grant (2017)
  • Sustainable Development Geopark in Indonesia
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • The role of culture in facilitating disaster-resilient communities: A mixed-method investigation of the community surrounding Mount Sinabung, Indonesia
    PUMP-PRIME RESEARCH GRANT SCHEME 2015-16, Coventry University (2016)
  • Economic Resilience of Tourism Sector in Disaster Prone Area, Case Study of Cipanas Tourism, Mt. Guntur, Garut, West Java
    ITB Research Grant (2015)
  • Assessment of Community Understanding on Tsunami Evacuation Plan in Sanur, Denpasar (Penilaian Pemahaman Masyarakat terhadap Rencana Evakuasi Tsunami di Sanur)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)
  • Local Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction (Kearifan Lokal Dalam Pengurangan Risiko Bencana, studi kasus Gempa Bumi Sumatera Barat dan Jawa Barat serta Erupsi Gunung Merapi Yogyakarta).
    ITB Research Grant (2014)