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Upcoming Event

The following is a list of Upcoming Event of Resilience Development Initiative :
Development of DAM in Indonesia, Current Status and Challenges
10 July 2017
Dr. Mangapul Nababan | RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)
Transport Safety in Malaysia: The Case of Motorcycle Users
10 July 2017
Dr. Ari Tarigan | RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)
Webinar Capacity Building for Disasters as Opportunities
22 May 2017
Scarcity and Conflict in the Natural Environment
11 April 2017
Prof. Jon Lovett | UNPAD (Dipatiukur Bandung, Indonesia)
RDI - Leeds University PhD Student Preparation Workshop
10 April 2017
Prof. Jon Lovett | RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)
Intern Working Paper Presentation - Biogas Implementation in Indonesia:What need to be considered ?
16 March 2017
Adzani Ardhanareswari | RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)