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Visiting Scholar


Resilience Development Initiative sets a vision to be a leading institute in research on sustainable development and resilience studies. In order to support this issue, the Visiting Scholar program becomes an important part as they bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the enrichment of the body knowledge on sustainable development studies.

We would like to welcome scholars who are interested in conducting research in Indonesia regarding resilience development studies . In addition, we have 15 research stations in Indonesia and 4 community partners.

As a visiting scholar you will receive a number of benefits including:
  • Open access to Resilience Development Initiative’s research database
  • The privilege to propose research ideas according to scope of research Resilience Development Initiative is concerned with
  • Open access to the network of researchers and other notable members of researchers at Resilience Development Initiative
  • Get support for visa applications and practical guidance regarding how to conduct research in Indonesia

For further information, you can email our contact person for the Visiting Scholar program,
Outreach RDI |

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