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Water Waste Management

Water and Waste Management (WWM) focuses on issues related to water management such as water resources, floods and droughts along with waste management, while keeping sustainability at the core. The cluster also explores the different approaches to understanding more about waste and water management, such as stakeholder acceptance behavior towards runoff water management in Bandung City which is currently executed. The WWM cluster has conducted research on water security, water conservation, local water governance and solid waste management. WWM cluster's most recent research is funded by Kurita Award (Japan) on studies related to water supply, flood and drought in Bandung. In this cluster, we also have research on biogas in urban context, particularly from domestic waste. We also study electronic waste (e-waste). This cluster chaired by Dr. Mangapul Nababan. For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Khairani Mardhiah.
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  • Performance of Anaerobic Digesters for Food Waste in Bandung City |2017| Download
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