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Water Waste Management

WWM is cluster focuses on issues related to water management (water resources, floods, droughts) and waste management. This cluster chaired by Dr. Mangapul Nababan.
Institution Partner
  • Penjaga Pulau Community, Sumbawa
Current Publications
  • Performance of Anaerobic Digesters for Food Waste in Bandung City |2017| Download
  • Benefits of Rural Biogas Implementation to Economy and Environment: Boyolali Case Study |2015| Download
  • Communal Based Flood Mitigation Measures in Bandung City |2014| Download
Related Research
  • Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Husk Mixed with Animal Dung for the Production Biogas in Indonesia (REER) (IFS-SEARCA)
    IFS-SEARCA (2017)