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01 August 2019
RDI Admin
RDI Lessons Learned Workshop 2019 Hot !

Another internal Lessons Learned workshop was held by RDI this year, which took place on July 30 th . In this workshop, staff are asked to elaborate on projects they are, or have been, working on. Att...

11 July 2019
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Focus Group Discussion on Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance

On July 9 th 2019, RDI in collaboration with Indonesia Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) directorate for disaster risk reduction and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held a Focus Group Discussion...

28 June 2019
RDI Admin
International Training on Earth Observation Products in LAPAN

On behalf of RDI, Alpian Pratama joined a training hosted by LAPAN (Indonesian National Space Agency) with a cooperation from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and European Space Agency (ESA) on June 17-21...

27 May 2019
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SOLID IV Forum – Achieving equal electrification across the villages through renewable energy

On May 23, 2019, RDI was honored to be involved in SOLID IV forum, “One Electricity Data of Off-Grid Renewable Energy and the Social-Economics Development of Villages Through the Sustainable and Ren...

08 May 2019
RDI Admin
Bandung Seismic Cities Roundtable

On 30 th April 2019, RDI and Coventry University held the Seismic Cities Roundtable Meeting in Orbital Galeri Bandung, Indonesia. The event was attended by, among others, government officials e.g. BPB...

02 May 2019
RDI Admin
Dr. Nino Viartasiwi Attends Workshop on Migration and Health in Kathmandu, Nepal

On April 25-28, 2019, Dr. Nino Viartasiwi, representing RDI, attended Migration and Health
workshop at Kathmandu Nepal. The theme of the workshop is “Engendering Research and
Reframing Polic...

30 April 2019
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National Disaster Preparedness Day’s Peak Event in Lembang, West Java

On Friday, April 26 2019, RDI with our partners from Coventry University attended
the peak event to commemorate the national disaster prevention day held by the National
Disaster Management Ag...

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