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08 June 2018
RDI Admin
Participation in Climate Resilient Sustainable Livelihood & Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management Seminar Hot !

On 5th of May, RDI got the opportunity to participate in interactive-seminar held by Oxfam Indonesia with the theme of “Climate Resilient Sustainable Livelihood and Climate Smart Disaster Risk Manag...

25 May 2018
RDI Admin
Visiting Safe School Networks in Indonesia and Thailand to develop an ASEAN Regional Monitoring Mechanism on Safe Schools

RDI, is commissioned by Plan International as lead representative of AADMER Partnership Group, is conducting country consultations with Indonesia and Thailand to develop the regional reporting mechani...

14 May 2018
RDI Admin
Kick off Meeting for Seismic City Project

On 14 May 2018, One of our research collaboration with researchers from UK, Bandung Seismic City has began. On this project we involved several researcher and fellow from RDI. On this kick off meeting...

07 May 2018
RDI Admin
Intern Presentation in Parahyangan University

On 4 May 2018, RDI was invited to Parahyangan University to watch the presentation of one of our intern James Stefanuto about his internship in RDI. He talked about the research that he currently de...

27 April 2018
RDI Admin
Participated in HKBN 2018 with Disaster Preparedness Game

On 26 April 2018, RDI held a half day seminar consists of a lecture on Education in Southwest Sumba presented by Rizkita Mardea Nurdiandra (RDI Gender Officer) and a disaster preparedness game led by ...

26 April 2018
RDI Admin
Focused Group Discussions with Women Organizations in South Jakarta

In the course of Mid-term Review for Prevention+ Programme activity, RDI had the opportunity to meet and discuss with women organizations involved as partners of Rutgers WPF Indonesia. The discussion ...

25 April 2018
RDI Admin
Participating in Collaboration Project on Foreigner Friendly Shinjuku Station

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in 2017 hit the new record, marking a 19.3% increase from 2016 and the fifth consecutive year in a rise in the number of foreigners visiting Japan. The Japanese...

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