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ArcGIS Foundation +WS (foto web)

ArcGIS is one of the leading Geographic Information System software. The training provides distinct entry points into the ArcGIS platform while also supporting a progressive approach to learning key workflows. It teaches knowledge and skills that will enable participant to move forward with ArcGIS in the users’ needs.

Using GPS Device

In this module we will see what a GPS does and how it works. You will learn how to operate a GPS, and how to use it to create maps.

SPSS Basic

The training courses outlined below are designed for those who need to perform data or statistical analysis using SPSS for Windows. These are hands-on computer based courses. This workshop provides practical training on how to use SPSS and provides an opportunity for people who have not used SPSS before to get comfortable with the program. Participant will learn how enter data into SPSS and discover how to obtain and analyze descriptive and correlation data.

EndNote For Bibliography

EndNote is a tool to help researchers record and manage a database of references to publications. This workshop provides an introduction and overview of EndNote as a bibliographic tool, including build an EndNote Library, export/import citations, searching online library catalogues, and manage references.

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